About the cumberlands commitment

What is the cumberlands Commitment?

The Cumberlands Commitment is the university’s initiative to make a quality college degree affordable and accessible for students from all backgrounds. In 2018, the university launched the Cumberlands Commitment by lowering tuition for on-campus undergraduate students by 57 percent. In 2019, the university provided those same students with free textbooks. In 2023, the university announced the One Price Promise, which provides free textbooks to all students while eliminating all other costs and establishing a straightforward tuition price. Now, Cumberlands is taking a bold step in higher education. The goal of the Cumberlands Commitment Campaign is to raise $100 million with the university matching those funds. This funding will endow scholarships that will enable students to graduate with little to no debt.

Tuition Reduction


Decreased tuition by 57% ($23,000 to $9,875 per academic year)

Main Goals


Results after three years